I'm a MASSIVE LIKE REALLY MAJOR TaoHun shipper both of them are my wrecker. XD I just want to ask when did you start loving Taohun and why? :D


Oh anon, we have alot in common then :D 

This might be long but I’ll do it anyway because I need a break from studying and Taohun is the best way to relieve some stress :P

Anyways, how did I start loving Taohun? I have to be honest and say that I really didn’t pay all that much attention to Sehun before. I’m obviously Tao biased and while I like all the members, I mainly stan the main group for their music while the fangirling is mainly reserved for Taozi. Stanning Tao already takes like 578945720789% of my energy that I didn’t have room to stan the others like I can him ya know? 

BUT then OT12 happened and Tao and Sehun were becoming almost inseparable. I don’t think many people, including myself, really picked up on how close they were until maybe the Growl era. I know in the Wolf era, there was some Taohun love because of the airport holding hands thing and Happy Camp and the Idol Olympics were obviously Taohun’s coming out party in hindsight but it didn’t seem to me that people were paying all that much attention to the ship, atleast in the romantic way as they do now until a little bit later. People just thought “aww look at those cute maknaes, so precious.”

I mean look at them


Look at all the cute and gay


Say it with me now, AWWWWWWWWW

And I was honestly similar, I thought they had a cute friendship and not much more. At this time, Tao was still spending the majority of his free time with Kris so I guess that’s why it took me longer to pick on Taohun in a shipping way? 

But then this happened


And I’m like…oh. Yea, not sexually suggestive at all. Nooopppppeeee. I mean everyone likes to practically look like they wanna eat you alive and look like they just finished a make out session before taking a pic right? RIGHT? I mean this is def normal behavior -_-

And then this happened




So sweet, I can feel the diabetes kicking in. Thanks Taohun -_-

And all that Showtime love where they couldn’t stay away from each other




Don’t think I don’t see you two trying to cop a feel, y’all ain’t slick -_-

And then the Mother of All Taohun moments (thus far) happened



Oh, Sehun spending his New Years in Zitao’s hometown you say? Meeting the best friend you say? Impressing the parents you say? Shopping with the goddamn godfather you say? Oh ok. No big deal


is basically what mine and the fandom’s reaction to that was. I mean what kind of fanfic come to life? What the hell is this OTP? It’s the gift that keeps on giving is what it is *nods nods*

Everyone was freaking out because sooooooooo cutttttttteeeeeeeeee, omg spending an important holiday with the person closest to you in their hometown and being the first member to have them show you around their home meeting all the important people in their life. Ugh, that’s basically a K-drama come to life. Taohun is a K-drama that we all wished we lived but can only live vicariously through. Which is fine bc CUTTTTEEEEEEE <3

But at this time, I never really shipped a pairing in a romantic way before so I was still hesitant to say they were actually dating. Like I knew they were bffs and they were obviously sexually attracted to each other (I don’t care what or how you ship, you honestly have to be blind to doubt they have some form of attraction). But the odds of two male group members dating each other? I just thought it was too good to be true. So I actually asked on my blog when I just became active about it and I talked to some people that I’m really cool with now about Taohun because they knew more about them as a relationship than I did and the reasons they gave me as to why they shipped them romantically pretty much lead me to also believe they were an item.

I know people get all defensive about thinking your OTP is “real” and whatnot, but trust me, I’m a fairly intelligent person and so are many of the Taohun shippers I talk to and most of us are way to adult and have too many things going on in our lives to sit around being delusional about some pairing like some teenager would. We just happen to see what’s right in front of us ya know? This is the one OTP where the obviousness is just kinda too much to ignore. I mean, they’re not even being subtle about it. They’re practically screaming it from the mountain tops.

And everyday is basically reaffirming that they’re a thing. Jesus Christ, did you see that bday letter from Tao to Sehun?



Lawd help me *keels over*

I’m tell you guys, Taohun is the OTP of all OTPs. There is literally no other pairing that will give you as much material to work with as them. If you don’t ship them now, you better start because they’re the best. They’re just so cute and happy, and I love seeing my bbs happy <3

Everyday is like Christmas morning with Taohun, I tell ya.

Anyways, that’s why I stan them anon. Hope this essay wasn’t too much lol


first gif: “WTF is that smell?! Get it away from me!”

second gif: “Oh yeah, that’s the sweet stuff.”


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Im going to claim you as mine.


140420 XIUMIN ♥ LUHAN (泣) 

南京女生真漂亮』; When Luhan seems happier than the fangirls after  hearing Xiumin says that

changed the main character’s name to the name of xiuhan


Luhan, Xiumin - Stardium New Photo Card 





Luhan, Xiumin @ 140419 CCTV’s Global Chinese Music rehearsals.

…세상에나… 미니가 올라갈때 누가 잡아줄까 했더니…. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 원래는 희수가 잡아주는건데 급 하니가 와서는 미니 잡아주는… 희수의 해탈한 웃음….. 하니야.. 꼭 그래야만했니..? 응.. 그래.. 니꺼니까.. 이해해.  미니 골반 잡은 하니 손 좀 보라며.ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 엉덩이 한 번 받쳐주고 골반 잡….ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 아아 중독 안무는 사랑입니다.♥ (사이즈 업 링크 )

the love that remains (1/2)

(fancam) 140420 Best of Best Concert in Nanjing rehearsal - Luhan helping Xiumin while forming the starting pose in ‘Overdose’ (starts @ 2:20)


XiuHan on the top.

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